Unconventional thermoelectric transport in tilted Weyl semimetals

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Unconventional thermoelectric transport in tilted Weyl semimetals


Thorvald M. Ballestad, Alberto Cortijo, María A. H. Vozmediano, Alireza Qaiumzadeh


We analyze the effect of the tilt on the transverse thermoelectric coefficient of Weyl semimetals in the \emph{conformal} limit, i.e., zero temperature and zero chemical potential. Using the Kubo formalism, we find a nonmonotonic behavior of the thermoelectric conductivity as a function of the tilt perpendicular to the magnetic field, and a linear behavior when the tilt is aligned to the magnetic field. An ``axial Nernst" current (chiral currents counter propagating perpendicularly to the magnetic field and the temperature gradient) is generated in inversion symmetric Weyl materials when the tilt vector has a projection in the direction of the magnetic field. This analysis will help in the design and interpretation of thermoelectric transport experiments in recently discovered topological quantum materials.

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