Topological Magnon Insulator with a Kekule Bond Modulation

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Topological Magnon Insulator with a Kekule Bond Modulation


Pierre A. Pantaleon, Ramon Carrillo-Bastos, Y. Xian


We examine the combined effects of a Kekule coupling texture (KC) and a Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI) in a two-dimensional ferromagnetic honeycomb lattice. By analyzing the gap closing conditions and the inversions of the bulk bands, we identify the parameter range in which the system behaves as a trivial or a nontrivial topological magnon insulator. We find four topological phases in terms of the KC parameter and the DMI strength. We present the bulk-edge correspondence for the magnons in a honeycomb lattice with an armchair or a zigzag boundary. Furthermore, we find Tamm-like edge states due to the intrinsic on-site interactions along the boundary sites. Our results may have significant implications to magnon transport properties in the 2D magnets at low temperatures.

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