Monogamy of highly symmetric states

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Monogamy of highly symmetric states


Rene Allerstorfer, Matthias Christandl, Dmitry Grinko, Ion Nechita, Maris Ozols, Denis Rochette, Philip Verduyn Lunel


We study the question of how highly entangled two particles can be when also entangled in a similar way with other particles on the complete graph for the case of Werner, isotropic and Brauer states. In order to do so we solve optimization problems motivated by many-body physics, computational complexity and quantum cryptography. We formalize our question as a semi-definite program and then solve this optimization problem analytically, using tools from representation theory. In particular, we determine the exact maximum values of the projection to the maximally entangled state and antisymmetric Werner state possible, solving long-standing open problems. We find these optimal values by use of SDP duality and representation theory of the symmetric and orthogonal groups, and the Brauer algebra.

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