Resonant transport in Kekule-distorted graphene nanoribbons

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Resonant transport in Kekule-distorted graphene nanoribbons


Elias Andrade, Ramon Carrillo-Bastos, Pierre A. Pantaleón, Francisco Mireles


The formation of a superlattice in graphene can serve as a way to modify its electronic bandstructure and thus to engineer its electronic transport properties. Recent experiments have discovered a Kekul\'e bond ordering in graphene deposited on top of a Copper substrate, leading to the breaking of the valley degeneracy while preserving the highly desirable feature of linearity and gapless character of its band dispersion. In this paper we study the effects of a Kekul\'e distortion in zigzag graphene nanoribbons in both, the subband spectrum and on its electronic transport properties. We extend our study to investigate also the electronic conductance in graphene nanoribbons composed of sequentially ordered Kek-Y superlattice. We find interesting resonances in the conductance response emerging in the otherwise energy gap regions, which scales with the number of Kek-Y interfaces minus one. Such features resembles the physics of resonant tunneling behavior observed in semiconductors heterostructures. Our findings provide a possible way to measure the strenght of Kekul\'e parameter in graphene nanoribbons.

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