Integrated Photonic Platforms for Quantum Technology: A Review

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Integrated Photonic Platforms for Quantum Technology: A Review


Rohit K Ramakrishnan, Aravinth Balaji Ravichandran, Arpita Mishra, Archana Kaushalram, Gopalkrishna Hegde, Srinivas Talabattula, Peter P Rohde


Quantum information processing has conceptually changed the way we process and transmit information. Quantum physics, which explains the strange behaviour of matter at the microscopic dimensions, has matured into a quantum technology that can harness this strange behaviour for technological applications with far-reaching consequences, which uses quantum bits (qubits) for information processing. Experiments suggest that photons are the most successful candidates for realising qubits, which indicates that integrated photonic platforms will play a crucial role in realising quantum technology. This paper surveys the various photonic platforms based on different materials for quantum information processing. The future of this technology depends on the successful materials that can be used to universally realise quantum devices, similar to silicon, which shaped the industry towards the end of the last century. Though a prediction is implausible at this point, we provide an overview of the current status of research on the platforms based on various materials.

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Dear Dr. Ramakrishnan -- Thank you for sharing your review on the timely topic. One question that is of great interest to our audience and our board is the status of technology pursued by PsiQuantum and Xanadu. Can you share your insight on that matter? Also, there was a recent report of implementation go Gaussian boson sampling with the photonic technology - basically a network of beamsplitters - are there any ideas on how to "use" this path for some problems of broader interest? We would appreciate your reply. Thank you,
ScienceCast Board

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