Alcubierre Warp Drive in Bohmian Quantum Gravity

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Alcubierre Warp Drive in Bohmian Quantum Gravity


Sijo K. Joseph


Alcubierre warp drive metric is coupled to quantum mechanical scalar matter field. The requirement of the exotic matter for the warp drive is mapped into a conformal wave equation. This result into a fourth order partial differential equation in terms of the quantum mechanical density. Finding a proper quantum mechanical density obeying the proposed partial differential equation will be a resolution to the exotic matter problem of Alcubierre warp drive in Bohmian Quantum Gravity context.

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Dr. Joseph -- This work is admittedly highly unconventional, but we linked it to your preprint, which had been approved by arXiv moderators. Can you comment whether there are any objective reasons to invoke Bohemian quantum mechanics in the description of ANY known phenomena, before touching on the subject as difficult as quantum gravity and as controversial Alcubierre warp drive (which corresponds superluminal motion, correct?). 
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The reason to invoke Bohmian quantum mechanics is , we can couple a complex quantum mechanical scalar matter field to classical gravity via Bohmian theory. We are not doing any quantisation of gravity, we are studying how the classical gravity is coupled to a complex quantum field. Contrary to other theory, this formalism gives an extra conformal degrees of freedom which can give exotic features which is not present in usual General Relativity.

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